Sea Dragon Red-Fire Filter


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- Red Filter Converts Bright Lights for Night-time Use

- Wet-Swappable

- Compatible w/ Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights w/ 1200+ Lumens

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Features’s Quick Take:
Great filter to aid in night time focusing and viewing so as to not disturb sea life

The Sea Dragon Red Fire Filter from SeaLife transforms your bright light with a red effect. This is ideal for focusing your camera at night without interrupting critters. This also adds a warming effect for daytime use to soften up photos. Many small sea creatures can be frightened by bright lights, and stay in the shadows when you approach. The filter is compatible with Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights with 1200 or more lumens. It can be attached, with ease, above or below the surface and has a small lanyard that helps ensure it doesn't get lost.


  • Red Filter to keep bright lights from scaring UW life
  • Wet-Swappable (can be attached/detached UW for convenience)
  • Compatible w/Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights w/1200+ Lumens

    Note: The Red Fire Filter will disable the flash detect and auto brightness features on Sea Dragon 2000 and Sea Dragon 2300 Auto underwater lights. To use the Sea Dragon light for flash photography, the filter should be removed.


What's in the Box Sealife Sea Dragon Red Fire Filter For Photo & Video Dive Lights
Package Weight 0.1lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.1x3.3x0.3 Inch
Lanyard 1