Frequent Buyer Program

We love our customers. We especially love when they return to shop from us again and again. To earn your business, we want to offer the best customer service and unbeatable prices. To reward our loyal customers who enjoy this great treatment, we have put together a Frequent Buyer Program.

For customers who spend on our products, classes and book travel with us, we want to thank you for your continued patronage. All shopping in the current year are instantly eligible to receive a percentage discount for the remainder of the current AND following calendar year! This discount is in addition to any current sales or promos.

Silver 3% Discount 
Spend $1k → $4,999

Gold 6% Discount 
Spend $5k → $8,999

Diamond 9% Discount 
Spend $9k → $14,999

Platinum 12% Discount 
Spend $15k+

Lifetime Shopper Discount
By invitation only

All customers who register for an account with are automatically enrolled. Log in to your Profile and watch your point grow as you continue to explore this wonderful sport of SCUBA diving. You can track your point as well as see how much you need to spend to make the next price break.

Register for an account here  to get started.